Family Games Can Help The Development Of Your Child

by Patrice on January 7, 2011 · 1 comment

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Family games are responsible for building childhood memories that last a lifetime. Games not only help your child develop socially but most games are educational in one way or another. Whether the game is a physical activity in the back yard or a board game at the kitchen table, the child will learn lessons by winning, by losing, by following the rules and by waiting for a slower player. Some games offer the opportunity to work on reading and math skills and still others polish memory skills.

Many parents have a hard time finding the game that is suitable for all members of the family, whether it’s because of a gap in ability or a difference of interest. Some games have such complex rules that they become more burden than fun.

Not to worry. These are games. Adapt the rules and make the game work for you. Be careful how you go about it, though. Even though it’s fun to make up the rules of a game as you go along, every game can’t be played like that. Sooner or later the child has to know that rules have to be set out in advance and followed consistently throughout the game.

As you start experimenting with the game to adopt rules to make it work for your family, let each child make suggestions. If the suggestion doesn’t work, laugh and cross it off the list. Be flexible and enjoy the process.

Encourage compromise when establishing new rules. Let each child have a certain number of vetos on the rules suggested. This will help keep disagreements from escalating into major conflicts.

Make sure that the kids understand that these new rules for the game are unique to your family. Other kids may have the same game, but the rules will be different because your family has adapted the rules to fit your needs. Let them know the importance of setting out the rules before they start playing any game so that it’s a fun experience and doesn’t lead to arguments.

As the younger kids mature, try to incorporate as many of the official rules of the game into your family game night as possible. This will make it easier for your kids to play the games with others as their social circle expands.

Don’t forget that the best games are not only educational, they’re fun for everyone.

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Angie January 7, 2011 at 6:07 pm

One game that we played as a family camping every time we went was charades. It was fun to see everyone act and it was something that a four year old could do as well as my 65 year old grandma. Sure somethings always got done everytime we played, but we had fun doing it.


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